Instagram & TikTok, Snapchat & Facebook. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid being faced with seemingly impossible standards of beauty every time you open up social media. But, pictures are not always what they present to be. #BOOHOOFILTERFREE is here to encourage you to be uniquely you for 2022 and all the years after. Because the filters that by definition create ‘special effects on an image’ and set these unattainable standards are just that… effects.

Pablo Vandenabeele, the Clinical Director of Mental Health at Bupa UK has even stated the negative impact that beautifying filters can have on your self-esteem and life satisfaction as setting “an unrealistic expectation” that “may lead to people striving for a very narrow concept of ‘perfection’.”

Whilst we live for Insta-stalking our favourite celebs or outfit inspos from creators and acknowledge the confidence filters can give, the extremes to which some are being taken unfortunately breed a negative self-image and comparison culture. This is what we are campaigning to change.

We believe in empowering you to feel your best in your own skin, because being uniquely you is something that only you can do, and that is something to take pride in.


The #BOOHOOFILTERFREE campaign is our pledge to support women in a journey of self-confidence. As real women, we want to ensure we are portrayed in our beautiful reality. A study conducted in 2017 found images that have been edited are recognised only 60-65% of the time. As technology advances and filters become harder to recognise, our perspective on what authentic beauty looks like also grows more distant… this is what we want to change.

Nothing is more amazing than the fact no two women look the same, your individuality lies in the stretch marks that carried your baby and the freckles across your nose. We hope seeing a community of strong women go #BOOHOOFILTERFREE can empower others to remember the value in just being themselves.

Let’s get the word out that you, the real you, is enough.


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