THIS IS NOT A DRILL. The movie that literally made our childhood is back in cinemas for one date only and we couldn’t be more ready for it.

It’s been 20 years since Spice World: The Movie came out (this makes us feel a lil’ bit ancient but we’ll ignore that detail), and thanks to a Spice Girls fan page who are truly dedicated to our all time fave girl band – our dreams have been answered. They have organised a nationwide showing of the ’97 hit film. SRSLY, this is legit. Check it out…

Here all the dates confirmed so far…

VUE Leeds The Light 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44131

VUE Plymouth 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44134

VUE Portsmouth 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44135

VUE Swansea 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44140

VUE Westwood Cross (Thanet) 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44142

VUE Piccadilly 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44133

VUE Shepherd’s Bush 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44138

VUE Cardiff 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44125

VUE Aberdeen 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44122

VUE Cheshire Oaks 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44126

VUE Farnborough 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44128

VUE Gateshead Trinity Square 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44129

VUE Stratford City 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44139

VUE Cambridge 10:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44124

VUE Manchester Lowry 10:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44132

VUE Watford 10:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44141

VUE Bristol Cribbs Causeway 10:00pm

Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44123

VUE Bury 7:00pm

Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44159

VUE Thurrock 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44163

VUE Cleveleys 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44175

VUE Carlisle 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44189

VUE Doncaster 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44191

VUE Croydon 7:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44190

Odeon Norwich 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44148

Odeon Liverpool One 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44149

Odeon Brighton 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44150

Odeon Leicester 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44153

Odeon Bournemouth 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44155

Odeon Tunbridge Wells 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44156

Odeon Guildford 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44158

Odeon Dunfermline 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44164

Odeon Maidenhead 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44165

Odeon Bracknell 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44166

Odeon Panton Street, London 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44167

Odeon Streatham 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44168

Odeon Uxbridge 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44169

Odeon Edinburgh 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44170

Odeon Wimbledon 6:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44171

Genesis Cinema (London) 9:00pm
Tickets: www.ourscreen.com/screening/44161


It’s a HELL YEAH from us! Let’s throw it back to the trailer…


Image Credit: Instagram