A hotel dedicated to Netflix binge-watching just opened in the UK

Binging out in bed with our fave Netflix series is pretty much a certified hobby – so we TOTALLY lost our sh*t when we saw the world’s first hotel dedicated to it has just opened. 

Three mobile’s ‘Bed N’ Binge’ retreat is a pop up resort, which encourages its guests to stay in their rooms and binge watch Netflix episodes to their hearts content.

Seriously, where do we sign up?

The resort, located in Osterely Park, Greater London, features 15 suites inspired by popular Netflix shows such as Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards and Stranger Things. 

Guests at the hotel can head to the bar to order themed food and drinks – and there’s even hands-free docking stations in the bathroom so they can continue their Netflix marathon on the loo. They’ve legit thought of EVERYTHING.

The pop up goes down from July 6th (TODAY!) until July 9th 2017, and ticket reservations are free through their website – but hurry girls, this is ultimate dream come true will be one hell of a sell-out.

Photo Credit: Bed ‘N’ Binge