As New York Fashion Week kicks off this week, closely followed by London, Paris and then Milan, we look back at some of the most memorable moments and generally reflect on why its just so. damn. good.

Focus on the FROW (a.k.a front row)

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

Okay, so we’re excited by what will be unveiled on the runway, but let’s be honest, 99% of our excitement happens from scanning our eyes across who’s sitting in the front row. Remember seeing Queen Bey, Kim K and Vogue royalty herself, Anna Wintour on the FROW last year? Erm… can we join? #squadgoals


Harper Beckham

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

As the daughter of one of fashion’s hottest mums, we like to think that Harper will follow VB’s passion for fashion. Glossy locks, a killer outfit and the best expressions.  A picture is worth a thousand words? #relevant #gottaloveit


When the runway becomes a supermarket run (literally)

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

So we’re supposed to push the boundaries with fashion right? Well Karl Lagerfeld certainly did that when he transformed the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week 2014 into a supermarket –  whoever said the weekly shop was a chore? #supermarketchic


VIP access (well, almost)

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

Who said you actually had to be at Fashion Week itself to get all the backstage goss? Whilst we can only dream of being an actual VIP,  insta and snapchat provide us with backstage access to the shows – and our access is both instant and constant. Holla,  Gigi, Kendall and Karlie #ultimategirlgang


The more bizarre the better!

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

So we know that some of the outfits we see on the catwalk are like, waaaay beyond what we may define as being a bit ‘edgy’ and what we’d actually wear ourselves, but somehow we still think they’re ‘it’


We find ourselves chatting about the celebs at the shows with our bffs like we’re part of the fashion week posse (cos we secretly wish we were)

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

“Erm, yeah, so when Kim K saw Anna…”


Time to reinvent our wardrobes

Why We Heart Fashion Week <3

After seeing all the upcoming hot new trends, we feel obliged to buy ourselves a new wardrobe, SJP style