By Lucia Santos

To start off Meghan Trainor’s 23rd birthday celebrations, it would only be right to take a look at all the ladies out there who have all the right junk, in all the right places. Here’s to the curvy girls we love, who strive to embrace beauty as an attitude, not a number.

1. Jordyn Woods

All About That Bass

Not only does this beautiful young lady have a size inclusive boohoo collection under her belt, but she’s also very determined to make every girl feel flawless, by letting us ladies know that confidence is extremely sexy. Keep on killin’ it Jordyn!

2. Beyonce


Is there anything that Beyonce will do that we will not shout ‘GOALS’ at? Queen B, your curves are heavenly. *Googles how to get a booty like Beyonce*


3. Sofia Vergara

All About That Bass

If her beautiful Columbian accent does not make you completely jealous, her enviable curves will.


4. Kelly Brook

All About That Bass

With her regular #TBT posts on Instagram of herself werkkkking it back in the day, Kelly’s hourglass figure is still just as sexy. Her kick-ass attitude also matches. You go girl!


5. Amber Rose

All About That Bass

Amber Rose knows how to work her curves, and her confidence really does rub off onto us. Werk it Mama!


6. Kim K

All About That Bass

Kim, we just love your body confidence boosting selfies so much! Kim’s attention-grabbing outfits really do show that she is proud of her curves, and she aint’ afraid to show them. Kim, you can rock anything and everything!

7. Iskra Lawrence

All About That Bass

If you have not heard of this beautiful lady yet, you need to get following her on Insta. Her attitude is amazing and the lengths she will go to highlight body confidence is inspiring.

8. Ashley Graham

All About That Bass

The girl who is currently gracing all of the magazine covers and changing perceptions in the fashion industry. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring to all us females, and she also uses social media to spread messages of confidence and body positivity. Girl POWER!


9. J-LO

All About That Bass

From being from the block to where she is now, she still got it and always will have it.


10. Meghan Trainor

All About That Bass

And last but not least, the birthday girl herself. Thanks for teaching us how to shake it shake it, like we are supposed to do. We love you girl!

GIF source: Giphy