Get to know the winner of our competition with Graduate Fashion Week, Sameera Mohmed. We caught up with Sameera whilst she is studying for her degree in Fashion Design at University of Central Lancashire for a Q+A on all things winning, uni and fashion.

This year we have partnered with Graduate Fashion Week, hosting a competition across UK universities to find an upcoming student designer to create a more sustainable range to be sold at boohoo. We were overwhelmed with the number of applicants we received and the amazing quality of all submissions. Whilst choosing a winner was a difficult decision for all involved, Sameera’s application stood out to the design team for her designs that also consider modesty and inclusivity.

Collection sneak peek.

How did you feel when you were told you were the winner of the boohoo GFW competition?

I was completely over the moon. It felt like I had worked so hard for my degree so far this year and it was a challenge to take on another project but I was so thrilled that the hard work paid off. I am finally seeing some progression in my future career.

What are you currently studying and what is your dream career?

I am currently studying BA Hons Fashion Design and I am working on my final collection, which is all in honour of my mum who has a medical eye condition. She has always been my biggest inspiration and motivated me to do my best. My dream career is being able to proudly own my own clothing line, which reflects my personal style.

Graduate Fashion Week Winner Design 1
One of Sameera’s original designs in her proposal.

What was the concept and inspiration behind your designed collection?

The concept for my collection is to create a diverse, more sustainable and modest collection which caters to all women of different races and beliefs. The pieces in my collection are flexible to be styled in whichever way the customer feels comfortable, so a collection that can be bespoke to your individual personality, style and background.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Uni?

We all live very busy lives nowadays so when I’m not at Uni I do prioritise a little bit of self-care; I enjoy walking and working out at the gym. When time allows, I enjoy travelling and exploring new places. There is always so much in exploring new places, seeing the difference in cultures, the colours and textures that will inspire palettes and textiles. I also do love spending time with family and friends.

Graduate Fashion Week Winner Design 2
One of Sameera’s original designs in her proposal.

What advice would you give to future students who would love to win a competition like this?

My top tips would be to just go for it! Don’t shy away and be afraid of your work not being enough. I tended to do this in my first two years of Uni, and it really isn’t worth it. Just believe in yourself! You won’t get noticed if you don’t go for any opportunities that come your way. Always put in the effort to your best ability and it’ll work wonders!

Over the next few months Sameera will be working closely with our creative and design teams to bring her collection to life before Graduate Fashion Week. We will be documenting the process and can’t wait to share the journey! Plus, there will even be some further opportunities for other people to be involved along the way… keep your eyes peeled.

Whilst Sameera’s collection isn’t yet shoppable, we have some amazing more sustainable products that you can find available onsite right now!

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