GFW: Top Tips from the Pros

Whether you fancy yourself as a photographer or want to go fashion full-time, nobody got anywhere without working for it so we put it to our panel of professionals to get their top tips on making it in the industry. Notepads at the ready…


Ella Masters – Illustrator

Always be prepared to work hard, you will have to do a lot of work behind the scenes. Be kind to yourself, you’ll probably get a lot of rejections so have faith in yourself and believe in your abilities. I always tell people to get into blogging and Instagram and use them to boost your creativity so clients can see your style and work – it’s free so everyone should!

Victoria Adamson – Photographer

Be prepared to work hard and don’t give up when knock backs come along. Networking is also key in this industry.

Jack Doheny – llustrator

This is actually a funny one for me to answer as I am still on the road to success myself and have goals I want to reach. However, what I would say is persistence and patience is everything. Once you have success keep producing and promoting yourself as nothing is guaranteed. Just do what you love and it will show, you will get noticed.

Sophie Hannah Richardson – Blogger

Keep at it. Whatever you want to go into don’t leave your dream behind. You might have to take a few different routes to get somewhere but you will.

David Nyanzi – Street Style Photographer

Just do what you’re passionate about. The money will surely follow.