The Hills the hills 1x01 pack lauren GIFWhether you’re going on holiday, moving to a new house or prepping for a summer festival, packing is always a total ‘mare. From forgetting the essentials, to having a full blown nervy b, it’s no wonder the celebrity elite hire PAs to do the dirty work for them..

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1. Optimism

‘This’ll be easy’ you think to yourself as you lay a suitcase onto your bed. Throw in a few essentials, feel smug and retreat to visit another day.


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2. Denial

You put off packing ’til the night before, convincing yourself it’ll take an hour max. ‘It can wait’ you think as you binge watch Netflix ’til the early hours.


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3. Attempted Organisation

Deciding what you do and don’t need to take is all part of the battle. At this point, you’ll scrawl out a list in under 5 minutes hoping it’ll help. A rain coat for the beach holiday? You never know if a tropical storm will hit…


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4. The ‘Do I Even Have Enough Stuff’ Stage

As you try in vain to follow the list of all the things to take, you realise in a cold sweat that you might not have enough things to pack (spoiler alert – you do). Cue a mad midnight dash online to bulk up on crop tops.


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5. Throwing A Tantrum

What’s the point in even going away on holiday if it’s this stressful to pack? Just kidding, but your belongings will end up on the other side of the room at some point in a fit of rage.


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6. Acceptance

After experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions, you’ll accept defeat and roll with what you have. After all, being organised is overrated anyway.



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