Being busy is something that we’re all proud to be. Haven’t we all uttered the words “I’d love to go to lunch, but let me check my diary as I’m slammed…how does August sound?”

Our generation is no longer a 9-5er, and are instead the ‘slash’ generation, where we’re recruiter/DJ, or teacher/blogger. Therefore it’s becoming harder and harder to take the time to ourselves, suffering from the dreaded burnout.

However, research shows that without looking after ourselves, we’re becoming more and more anxious. And our physical health is suffering too; we’re working longer hours meaning our days start early and end late which makes our sleep and diet cycles suffer. And the stress is even making us gain weight and have increased blood pressure due to our cortisol levels constantly elevated.

By giving yourself personal time, you can clear your mind of all the clutter and do the important things to look after your mental and physical health.

It can go two different ways; you can use the time productively and do all the personal tasks and life admin things in your own time. Or you can use the time to do nothing productive at all and just watch Netflix and drink tea, which in turn then makes you productive the next time as you’ve given yourself that switched off break.

It can be tough at first, but a couple of steps can help you give yourself the time alone that you need to reset.

Get up ten minutes earlier

Whilst we do all need as much sleep as possible these days, ten minutes earlier can mean less frantic running around, checking emails and finding a clean top. Instead, make a cup of tea and do something calm, such as a meditation app or part of a podcast. This captured moment before starting your day will reflect through the rest of your work.

Start saying no

Stop saying yes to every event invite. Even if it’s just a coffee with that friend who makes you feel a bit rubbish sometimes, make it your mission to say no at least once a week instead of yes.

And don’t say it’s because you’re busy, be brutal and say you need some time to yourself for a bit.

Aaaaand, breathe

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