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If you’ve been asked to be someone’s bridesmaid, buckle up because these are the stages you’ll most definitely go through.


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1. Getting Asked  

Your bestie got engaged and you’ve been on countdown since to see if you’d been picked for bridesmaid duty. Today’s the day, you’re officially in.


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2. Meeting The Other Bridesmaids

OFC you’re excited but you’re also kinda nervous too. The doubts of spending a lot of your life with these gals begins…What if they all look like models? What if they think I’m weird?


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3. Finding The Dress

Being a bridesmaid is essentially a part-time job. You’ll sacrifice your weekends trawling round the shops trying on dress after dress. The struggle to find one that suits a group of people all with different body shapes and heights is real. When you think it’s finally all over you’ll have to start shopping for shoes, lord have mercy.


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4. Realising You’ve Become The Bride’s Personal Helpline

You’re her go-to-gal and whenever she has a wobble or something doesn’t go to plan she’ll come to you for advice, the catch, she expects you to be on call 24/7. It’s pretty demanding especially when she calls you up at 3am blubbering because she’s suddenly decided she doesn’t like the colour scheme any more.


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5. The Group Chat Drama

The group chat will probably be called something like #bridesquad and while it will start out full of excitement and chatter, it will soon descend into a shambolic mess of passive aggressive GIFs. You’ll debate leaving the group or gasp, the app itself and dream of riding off into the sunset. Instead you’ll just put the chat on mute and blame any sweary outbursts on having had too much tequila.


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6. The Hen Party

There’ll be novelty objects everywhere, sashes will be styled and whistles will be blown. Welcome to the hen party. Which you’ll need a week to recover from after.


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7. The Money Realisation

You’re a part of team bride and this comes with a price. From wedding-planning-brunches to the pre-wedding pamper sesh, every event is compulsory and nothing comes for free.


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8. The Big Day Pampering

Your eyebrows have never been more on fleek,  the make-up artist has contoured your cheekbones to perfection, and to top it all off, your hair looks dreamy and you feel incredible AF.


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9. Being Wary Of Food

Unlike the other guests you can’t tuck into the canapes as the bride wants the photos to be perfect, and she won’t risk you ruining your make-up. Your face will literally ache from all of the smiling, the photographer will make you do a gazillion different poses and you won’t even be allowed a snack break, the sheer audacity.


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10. Being On Dress Duty

She might be an adult woman but her dress weighs a ton and it consists of never ending layers, making the simple act of the bride peeing a complete mission.


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11. TFW It’s All Over

Your best friend’s married her soulmate and you’ve witnessed how truly happy she is.  All of the stress and drama leading up to this has paid off and being a part of her special day is an honour you will treasure forever.


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