It’s coming and it’s arguably one of the most anticipated nights of the year. So here’s your guide to the overhyped key date in your calendar…

Your NYE Survival Guide

Get prepped

And no, I’m not just talking about the booze and your killer outfit. I’m talking food. Because come the morning after you’re going to need a fridge fully loaded and enough fizzy drinks to sink a ship. Hit the shops early… 

Your NYE Survival Guide

Have options

That slinky little number you got 3 weeks ago? There’s a small chance you may turn to hate it on the night. And by this point, there’s no hope of online delivery and running around the shops on the eve is enough to send anyone under. HAVE BACK UPS PEOPLE.

Your NYE Survival Guide

Get some grub down you

Whether you’re hungry or not, because this can go one of two ways. Either the hunger will hit just before midnight and no-one in your squad is going to take a takeaway detour with you just before the golden hour, or you’ll run the risk of not actually making it out of the house and spend your NYE in bed. You know what to do… 

Your NYE Survival Guide

Pace yourself

Shots and mixing drinks may sound okay at the time, but it won’t be come 3am. Choose your potions wisely. 

Your NYE Survival Guide


Going out? Then check ahead where you’re going. Most places will be ticketed or charge on the door. Some may be sold out or have a queue the length of a small country. No-one wants to be teetering around town in some six-inchers whilst watching others warm inside getting dowwwwn. 

Your NYE Survival Guide

Think of your feet

Normally always wear flats? NYE is NOT the time to bring out those unworn sky scrapers. No-one wants you moaning an hour into the night about your feet. Get comfy heels or back up flats. Your friends will thank you for it, trust me. 

Your NYE Survival Guide

Step away from the phone

Guess what doesn’t mix? Your ex boyfriend and you after seven glasses of white wine. So block him, delete his number for the night or pass your phone to your BFF for the night. Because whilst it may *seem like a good idea* at the time, it definitely ain’t when he lives two streets away. 

Your NYE Survival Guide

Don’t set your expectations too high

NYE is just as good as you make it, but at the end of the day, it’s like any other night. Don’t put too much pressure on it and blinking enjoy it!

Your NYE Survival Guide

And don’t miss the countdown…

Okay, okay so whilst it is like any other night, we don’t usually countdown to midnight like we do at NYE so set an alarm or have your BF/BFF be ready to tap you when the big moment comes. With bae, get ready for the kiss or maybe you’ve got your eye on that hot brunette in the corner… 

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