By Sarah Diallo

You Must Be Yolking...

Easter is just around the corner, which means we have a guilt-free pass to gorge ourselves with chocolate. To make matters worse, we get spoilt for choice with Lindt eggs, mini eggs, and deep fried Crème eggs. Pause. Deep fried what?! Yes, you read right.

Simpson’s Fish and Chips shop in Cheltenham has started this unbelievable combination, which is proving to be a success as this is the second year they’ve done this and just in time for Easter. All of the proceeds made will be donated the British Hen Welfare Trust. 

Simpson’s told The Metro: ‘As well as rehoming over half a million hens in just six years, The British Hen Welfare Trust actively promotes British free-range farmers, which is something we fully endorse.’
I don’t know about you, but supporting this amazing cause and having the chance to try a tasty treat is not one to be missed. Think I’ll be booking my train to Cheltenham now!

As shocking as deep fried crème eggs may sound, this is not the first chocolate fave to meet the heat. From Mars bars, to Snickers bars and even Oreos, anything is possible!