Halloween is over and the time to start freaking out about all the things you haven’t done this year is officially here. Try not to lose your cool though, we’ve been in touch with DesignMyNight and there’s a lot going on this month; from dining on cheese fondue in magical riverside igloos all the way to a bottomless brunch in an adult ball pit.


Wrap up and go to Winterland

Remember that insane beach pop-up that took place during the summer? Well; it’s gone. But there’s no need to weep into your knitted jumper about it. It’s been replaced by Winterland; a winter pop-up boasting riverside igloos, an enchanted forest, curling lanes, prosecco pong and mini golf. Looking for another reason to visit? It’s BYOB on Thursdays and Fridays.


Have Bottomless Brunch in an Adult Ball Pit

London’s adult ball pit has packed up and moved to an even bigger venue. You know what that means? More balls (and lots more fun). Every Saturday in November Ballie Ballerson are throwing boisterous brunch parties with bottomless bubbles and unlimited pizza for two whole hours. Pick between a variety of pizzas and let your inner wild child run loose amongst the one million balls.


Celebrate Thanksgiving

Know what you’re doing on Thursday 23rd November? We do. The Breakfast Club are hosting a Thanksgiving feast, and even if you’re void of any American roots, you need to go. For £28, you’ll be treated to a three-course meal, the main attraction being bacon and beer roasted Norfolk turkey with all the trimmings. For that price, you have a lot to be thankful for this year.


Dine on a Retro Tube Carriage

Are you the kind of person that blares Christmas songs in the office come November? Get (even more) into the festive spirit of things this year and tuck into a Christmas feast on a 1967 London Underground carriage. Promising a delicious five-course tasting menu that includes mulled wine sorbet and a welcome shot to get you nice and toasty; this event is sure to leave you feeling as jolly as Saint Nick himself.


Visit London’s Highest Public Garden

Somebody once said that ‘the best things in life are free’; and this time, they might just be right. London’s Sky Garden are hosting live music nights in their foliage-filled rooftop this November, and entry is completely free when you book through DesignMyNight. The views from this beautiful spot are nothing less than incredible and they have a bar that’s equipped for making pretty much any cocktail you could dream up.


Watch Casablanca at The Shard

One of London’s most iconic buildings is hosting a pop-up cinema this November, and it’s going to blow any other cinema experience you’ve had right out of the water, with a screening of Casablanca. Situated 800ft above London, you’ll have sweeping views of the capital and you’ll get a complimentary Grey Goose cocktail on arrival.


Play Virtual Beer Pong

Bounce in Shoreditch have officially upped the ante. This too cool for school Shoreditch plot is known for its UV splattered walls and its sea of ping pong tables, but they’ve just added another reason to their ‘why Bounce is so great’ list. They’ve brought Wonderball to the table. It’s a virtual reality game where the ping pong ball is your controller. You can play virtual beer pong and loads of other great games; paddles at the ready.


Drink Cocktails in the Dark

Ever watched that movie About Time? The one with Rachel McAdams? Well, do you remember that one scene that involved a dine in the dark pop-up? Pitch Black is basically that, but with booze instead of food. Your evening will start with a glass of prosecco before entering the unknown and divulging in four drinks, including cocktail and/or wines. Intrigued? You should be. The only question is, will you be able to find it.


Experience London’s Tequila and Avocado Bar

Let’s face it; there are plenty of pop-ups out there, but there’s one in particular that has caught our attention. Cantina Laredo recently launched the UK’s first ever guacamole and tequila bar, and it’s kind of amazing. It has in-house ‘guacamaestros’ that smash up eight types of guacamole, which include variations with fried grasshoppers, blue cheese and crab meat. And they have a selection of tequilas and mezcals; one of which is owned by George Clooney.


Time Travel to the 20s

Okay, you can’t actually time travel to the 20s (get a move on, science), but we’ve got the next best thing: The Candlelight Club. This decadent pop-up requires you to dress the part; think flapper dresses, dainty head pieces and pearls, but it’s more than worth the effort. The secret venue that it’s hosted in is lit entirely by candlelight and they have live jazz music for you to do the Lindy Hop to.


For more info on what’s on in London and across the UK, visit DesignMyNight and follow them on Instagram and Twitter; @DesignMyNight.


By Leighanne Bent