How To Nail That Work/Life Balance...

Sometimes the hardest thing can be trying to switch off from work and having a social life. We feel guilty AF for not answering a work email out of hours but exhausted from staying late. It’s a vicious circle.

A girl needs time to have fun and enjoy themselves, right? So if you’re burning the candle at both ends and feeling frazzled – here’s our ‘how-to’ guide to help you nail that work/life balance ‘thang.


1. Find a routine that works for you

It’s important to make sure you’re still slayin’ and not slacking at the office but there’s no point in overdoing it or you’ll burn out.

Set one day a week to yourself and do whatever YOU want to do. It’s your life after all and there’s no point in working to earn that dolla when you can’t enjoy it!


2. Get organised

Organisation is key to keep on top of things without succumbing to stress. Buy the planner, write to-do lists, stick up the post-it. Do whatever you gotta do to make sure you’re on track.


3. Treat yo’ self

After a long day at the office/uni, you deserve to relax. Pour yourself a nice bubble bath, lather on a face mask and switch off.


4. Learn to say ‘no’

This one is a toughie, especially for workaholics. Hands up if you’ve ever taken on more than you could handle and ended up snapping at bae? Yep, us too.

I’m not saying ‘only do the bare minimum’ (because who gets anywhere in life without putting in extra effort?!) but it is OK to say no every once in a while. Take time for yourself without overdoing it.

Now where’s the prosecco!

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