The 00’s may have been the decade that brought us the ‘gram, Love Island, and memes – but it’s also been responsible for some memorable make-up trends. Some good, and some, well…not so good ones. Here are the 10 make-up trends we’re so glad to see the back of…
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1. Dark Lipliner (with no lipstick!)

LOL remember the days when it was cool to just line your lips with a dark lipliner and leave it there? Seriously, why did that become a thing? Even in early 00’s R&B music videos, this look wasn’t great. Thank the make-up lords this trend got kicked to the curb.

2. Dazzle Dust

Those little pots of metallic glitter were a staple in many-a girls’ make-up bag but it’s safe to say we’re glad to see the back of Dazzle Dust. It got EVERYWHERE when you tried to open it and once it was stuck to you that was it.

3. Hair Mascara

Whether it was of the coloured or glitter variety, every gal has experimented with hair mascara at least once in her life. Thankfully though, we’ve left those days behind us and we certainly don’t miss those patchy streaks of colour that dried out our hair and stained all our clothes…

4. Oopma Loompa Foundation

If someone could tell us why we once thought it was a good idea to wear foundation that was three shades too dark for us that would be great. ‘Cause the “Orange-Face-White-Neck” look was more than a little questionable. Hooray for foundation matching!

5. Tooth Gems

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when we stuck diamantes to our teeth. We’re not really sure why, or where this make-up trend came from (it was probably Britney Spears’ fault), but it’s one we’re definitely glad to see the back of it.

6. Chunky Highlights

Much like the late 00’s were the era of ombre hair, the early 00’s were the year of the chunky highlights. And we mean really chunky. Why oh why did we think think, “Yep, that looks good”?! FYI: it didn’t, and we’re glad we waved that look goodbye.

7. Blue Eyeshadow

Maybe it was because we were told it complimented our eye colours. Maybe it was because we thought we were dead cool buying our first Mac eyeshadow or Urban Decay palette. Whatever the reason, blue eyeshadow was a thing and boy is it one we’re glad we ditched.

8. Skinny Brows

Thank goodness Cara Delevingne emerged and made big, bold brows a thing. Those super-skinny, over-plucked brows of yesteryear didn’t suit anyone and to be quite honest have caused us nothing but trouble as we dream of better brows. Not so #browsonfleek.

9. Too Much Blusher

In our quest to look like we’d just stepped off a plane / we’re flushed from being outside, we used to pile on the blusher. No blending required, just packing on the colour till our cheeks were ruby red. All we can say is we’re glad we discovered that less really is more.

10. Panda Eyes

We’ve got MySpace to thank for this one. Remember when you used to pile on so much black eyeliner and eyeshadow that you looked like a panda? Yeah, we’re not really sure why we thought this was cool either. But at least it’s a thing of the past now.