Having a hair mare? Hair stylist Jawara is on it with top tips for holiday or bad hair day and inspo behind the looks in Charli’s latest shoot…

Meet The Hair Stylist: Jawara

Can you tell me about the hair looks today?

Okay so the hair was inspired by the late 90s, very Victoria Beckham, Spice Girls, you know everything basically, high ponies, sleek, really clean. Charli’s so beautiful so she pulled it off really great! And then we did a different type of ponytail, so it’s more 60s inspired like Elizabeth Hurley, Austin Powers with a sweepy fringe and flicks on the ends.

We’re shooting summer today; do you have any tips for festival or holiday hair?

I think this spring and this summer we’ll see a little bit more effort, more considered hair and I think that’s where things are going right now ‘cause y’know, we’re a bit over the beachy, undone, tousled summer hair which is always beautiful to me but I think this season’s a little bit more about a ‘done’ look, pull it back, scrape it back a little bit – not your traditional hair for the time, if that makes any sense?

This season we’re really getting into the Y2K vibe, my memories of the year 2000 are very much bad chunky highlights, scraped back hair, and those ponytails with the front strands. Is that bad taste/ good taste thing coming back?

My particular memory of the 2000s, I grew up in New York, it was very much that. Like a high ponytail, scraped back, a lot of hair, everything sleek, everything trying to be over the top. I just remember doing those styles, like when we were in high school, so I think it’d be a mixture of that and a mixture of maybe the streaky look but in a chic way. (Jen: streaky chic). I think with history we just get better and better and better so when we replicate the 2000s it’s gonna be in a better way.

How did you get in to session styling?

I was assisting Sam McKnight who is one of my mentors and icons of the session styling world. He’s like one of the most amazing! I left the salon scene maybe about 5 years ago, no 6 years ago and I started assisting him, I assisted him for 4 years on his team and then about 2 years ago I started working on my own in London and New York and that’s where I am with session styling now. I mean without his influence I wouldn’t be here.

Can you give us some tips: how to we avoid a bad hair day and what to do if we have one?

Creativity! Sometimes just be as creative as you possibly can, like things you would normally think look beautiful, look beautiful if you carry it in a confident way. Also a bad hair day can be easily avoided if the hair is conditioned really well because then it can be put into styles really easily – hair maintenance is important to avoid a bad hair day.

So, with hair maintenance in mind what’s the one product we need in our lives for a good hair day?

I would say definitely the oils, I like coconut oil, and I like Moroccan oil, for thinning hair I like Jamaican castor oil which is amazing! I don’t know if there’s one particular product that we all need but I think different women and men need different things so I like those three. I think of all those three everyone should have at least one of them.

Is it really worth investing in products that stylists recommend for you?

It depends, I think first of all I always urge women to do research before they go and get their hair cut because you have to invest in your hair because you wear it every day. It’s the only accessory you wear every. Single. Day. (Jen: yeah, cost per wear that’s cheap).

Do your research, get a great stylist that knows the product, that knows it works for your hair and then if they seem like they’re confident when they’re speaking to you about product, by all means do it! And you don’t have to get all the products at once ask them what’s the most important one to start with if I have to have one.

Who’s your number one hair idol?

Uh, I don’t have one I have like 8! Well the first person I learnt how to do hair from was a Jamaican beautician that was a-ma-zing! The things that she did with hair were just surreal. Then I think in the session world I’d say definitely Sam Mcknight, Guido Palau , Luigi Murenu, Garren – he’s amazing, I could go on… I really, really love their work. And of course, I love mine! Haha.

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