Wanna make your ‘do that lil’ extra this party season. Done. Here’s eight hair hacks to take your hair from whatever to woah.


1. Curl Girl

Want curls that actually hold? Get your hair done ahead of your night out and let it set for an hour before hitting the dancefloor. Or if you wanna make sure your work will last the night, get your kirby grip friends and pin up your ‘do ’til you hit your destination and when you do, carefully unpin and voila, hair that held.


2. Ride The Wave

Want effortless worn in waves? Plan it girl. The day before get your wand and spend 10 minutes curling your hair. Separate into 4-6 sections depending on the thickness of your hair, and curling away from your face, wrap around your wand just above your jawline for tight Blair Waldorf inspired curls. Hairspray and let set. Then, the day after or at night, gently run your fingers through to let the curls drop to a natural wave. Grab your hairspray and give one last spritz.


3. Wash Your Brushes

Sounds obvious but like any tool you use, they need looking after. So once a month, set aside 10 minutes to give your brushes the cleanse they need. Grab some baby shampoo or whatever you have in and scrub away. Let air dry overnight for healthier looking hair.


4. Double Trouble

Want a bigger ponytail? Don’t we all. If you’re limited to equipment, double it up. Grab half of your hair and tie into a mid-low pony before tying the top section into a high pony that gets a lil’ lift from the one below.


5. Criss Cross

Kirby grips are a girl’s best friend: fact. So if you really wanna make sure they stay put, take two, and cross them over for extra strength.


6. Air It All

Got extra time to kill before going out? Ditch the heat and let your hair air dry once in a while as it’ll get your hair looking way healthier, saving you a trip to the salon.


7. Treat Yo’Self

Get your party prep in girls and treat yo’self to a luxe hair mask that you can pop on and leave to work its magic whilst you binge on a Netflix boxset.


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