Aside from the food, the best thing about Xmas is the films and TV. So cancel your plans, get the snacks in and mark these must-sees in your diary.


Saturday 23rd December


Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

ITV | 1:35pm

Go back to where it all began. Plus this one’s the most festive.



ITV | 1:35pm
Forgot the meaning of Xmas? Watch this…


BBC1 | 2:50pm

Let it go, and get lost in a Disney fave.


Despicable Me 

ITV | 4:30pm

IT’S SO FLUFFY. If you know, you’ll know. And if you don’t, put this on your list.



C4 | 11:20pm

Not much Christmassy about this one but it’s an award winning film for a reason. Starring Hollywood greats such as Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. 




Sunday 24th December


The Prince & Me 

BBC2 | 7:30am

Okay, so an early start but a cute rom-com way to start the day. Starring Julia Stiles.


Gone With The Wind 

C5 | 9:20am

One of the highest grossing films of all time and an all-round classic. Yep, it’s over four hours long but it’s a film you’ll never forget, and the fashion will have you wanting to dress just like Scarlett O’Hara.


Jack Frost 

ITV | 9:55am

A sad but sweet film about a dad who dies in an accident but returns reborn as his son’s snowman to make amends.


The Santa Clause 

BBC1 | 10:30am

A timeless festive film starring Tim Allen as the next Santa Clause.


Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 

ITV | 12:55pm

The second instalment of the epic franchise, go back to Hogwarts with our fave fierce trio.


Monsters University 

BBC1 | 2:20pm

See how Monsters Inc came about with this fun-filled prequel. Well worth a watch.




Monday 25th December


Bee Movie 

BBC2 | 7:40am

If you happen to wake up early (and hangover free), catch this animated film starring Oprah Winfrey.


Peter Pan 

ITV | 11:25am

A remake of the Disney fave. Don’t grow up and rewind the years with this childhood fave tale.


Top Of The Pops Christmas Special 

BBC1 | 12:20pm

Because it’s not Christmas without TOTP…


Toy Story 3

BBC1 | 1:20pm

A timeless animation that will never get old. Join Buzz, Woody and the crew on the big day itself for allll the fun.


The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

BBC1 | 3pm

The only reason worth pausing your Xmas dinner for.


Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 

ITV | 3:10pm

Round three is here – if you’re a HP fan, you won’t wanna miss out…



BBC1 | 3:10pm

Going head to head against Harry Potter, Lily James plays Cinders herself in this real life retelling of the classic fairytale.



C4 | 4:30pm

An oldie but a goodie, the Disney 1941 animation is one to get on your watch list.


Home Alone 

C4 | 5:50pm

If you don’t watch Home Alone at Christmas, you’re doing it wrong.


Christmas Bake Off

C4 | 7:40pm

Past contestants including Selasi and Val reunite for a Christmas bake off special.


Beauty And The Beast 

Sky Premiere | 8pm

The remake everyone waited for. Emma Watson stars as Belle in the 2017 adaptation. If there’s one thing you watch, make it this. You’ll be enchanted.


The Holiday

ITV | 11:15pm

A house swap leads to two festive couple ups starring a stellar cast of Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black.




Tuesday 26th December



ITV | 3:30pm

Whisk yourself away in a sci-fi alien adventure starring a young Drew Barrymore.


Mary Poppins 

BBC1 | 3:45pm

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. And a watching of Mary Poppins will make your Xmas that lil’ bit better.


The Little Mermaid 

C4 | 4:20pm

Another Disney animation – this time lose yourself in part of her world in the classic film – The Little Mermaid.


Back To The Future 

C4 | 6pm

Travel back in time to 1955 with Michael J Fox in this sci-fi adventure.


The School Of Rock

Film4 | 6:50pm

Jack Black plays a pretend teacher in this comedy about a school project that turns into a rock concert.


Dirty Dancing

C5 | 10pm

With an epic soundtrack, killer moves and a standout cast – there’s a reason Dirty Dancing is so big.


Four Weddings And A Funeral

C4 | 11:10pm

Rom com starring Hugh Grant and Rowan Atkinson to name a few, this BAFTA winning film is a loveable flick perf for a rainy day.




Wednesday 27th December


The Princess And The Frog

BBC1 | 10:45am

Another Disney fairytale well worth waking up for.


The Polar Express

Sky Christmas | 12:55pm

Tom Hanks stars in this epic animation about a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Clause. The visuals are stunning alone.


Shrek 2 

BBC1 | 2:20pm

With a cast of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, John Cleese and Julie Andrews – what better way to spend your time off?!


Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

ITV | 8pm

Onto the next Harry Potter instalment – this one sees Twilight fave, Robert Pattinson join the cast.




Thursday 28th December


Kung Fu Panda

BBC1 | 10:20am

Another Jack Black film – this time he stars as a Kung Fu fighting Panda.


Shrek The Third 

BBC1 | 2:20pm

Bringing sexy back (couldn’t help that one…), Justin Timberlake joins the cast for the third part to the Shrek franchise.


Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 

ITV | 8pm

Yes, we recommend them all…


About A Boy

C4 | 11:05pm

Hugh Grant and a young Nicholas Hoult go on a journey of ups and downs in this heart-warming story about a bachelor that helps a 12 year-old boy after his mother attempts suicide.




Friday 29th December



BBC1 | 2:25pm

Beautifully shot, Up is the tale of an elderly widow who ties balloons to his house to float to South Africa to fulfil his and his late wife’s dream.


Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince 

ITV | 8pm

Join the gang for the next instalment.


Gone Girl 

BBC1 | 9:15pm

The novel turned hit film stars Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck in this mystery thriller that’ll keep you guessing as Ben’s tries to track down his missing wife.




Saturday 30th December


Ever After: A Cinderella Story

C4 | 12:50pm

A 16th Century reworking of the classic fairytale starring Drew Barrymore.


Pride & Prejudice 

C4 | 3:15pm

Oscar nominated Keira Knightley stars as Elizabeth Bennet in a film remake of Jane Austen’s famous novel.


Alice In Wonderland

BBC2 | 6:20pm

Tim Burton works his usual magic in this incredible remake of the Disney film starring Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part I

ITV | 8pm

The darkest two films of the franchise, but if you’re a HP fan, keep going…


The Price Is Right

C4 | 8pm

The much-loved gameshow returns for a one off special starring comedic legend, Alan Carr.




Sunday 31st December


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

BBC1 | 1:40pm

The 1971 life-action adventure of a witch, children and a flying bed is well worth a watch.


Groundhog Day

C5 | 2:55pm

Bill Murray finds himself living the same 24 hours over and over in this 1993 film.


The Lego Movie 

C5 | 5pm

Does what it says on the tin. An easy watch about a hero trying to save his lego world from destruction.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part II 

ITV | 7:50pm

10 years and eight films later, this one sees the end of the world famous franchise. So if you’ve stayed glued to the rest, finish what you started…




Monday 1st January



C4 | 8:15am

Starring Ben Kingsley and a young Vanessa Hudgens, the action film is a FAB (see what we did there…) take on the British TV series.


The Cat In The Hat

C4 | 11:35am

Mike Myers brings the sass and sarcastic humour as one feisty cat in this comedy fantasy starring Dakota Fanning.


The Wizard Of Oz

ITV3 | 1:15pm

There’s no place like home. Or Oz it seems in this 1939 classic starring the one and only Judy Garland. If you’ve not watched it, make time for this one.


Shrek Forever After

BBC1 | 2:05pm

A twist on the Shrek tales as the ogre enters a alternative world where he never married Fiona.


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

ITV | 3:30pm

Tim Burton steps in again to hit refresh on a childhood classic – this time with Johnny Depp at the forefront as Willy Wonka.



BBC1 | 5pm

Sleeping Beauty gets retold from the villain’s POV and if anyone can rock the role, it’s Angelina Jolie.




Tuesday 2nd January



ITV | 11:10pm

You’ve not seen it? As IF! A film based on Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, if you’re into a rom-com, put this on your watch list. Starring Alicia Silverstone, the late Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd, it’s a laugh out loud tale of social struggles and dating.




Wednesday 3rd January


Pretty Woman

BBC1 | 10:45pm

Probably one of the most iconic rom-coms of all time (IMO), starring dynamic duo Julia Roberts and Richard Gere – their on-screen chemistry and killer soundtrack is reason enough to tune in.