…why you shouldn’t resolve to change in the New Year

New Year, Same Bada$$ You...

This new year, I’m all about celebrating greatness – no more shunning ownership or badass-ness for me.I refuse to be fooled in to the trickery of ‘New Year, New Me!’ Cos let’s be honest, even with great intention only around 10% of us stick to our New Year’s resolutions and that’s because we’re just bettering what we were already nailing!

New Year, Same Bada$$ You...

Should you need a lil’ inspo, my New Years resolutions are:

Treat others how I would like to be treated – Yep!

Be nice to everyone – you don’t know their struggles – Yep!

Steer clear of bad attitudes and the negative vibrations of others – Yep!

I wanna step into the New Year putting out good vibes, so I’m still rocking self-love, confidence and fierceness but also giving off a positive ora, be it in work, love, friendship or misfortune.

Here’s to 2017 and being the same badass that owns her greatness and strives to change the world! One positive vibe at a time.

 by Joey Brumby