Today marks the day the final Fifty Shades was released in cinemas. It also marks Friday which is always a win if you ask me. But this Friday brought me two hours of Jamie Dornan, which quite frankly, I’ll never complain about.


The franchise has been surrounded by a storm of opinion since the start, but a lil’ hype never hurt no-one if you ask me. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t remember that much about the previous film – aside from her BFF who has a lifelong crush on her, dedicating an entire (kinda creepy) exhibition to photos of her face. Oh and that five minutes at the beginning where Ana actually grew some balls before running back to Christian the minute he wined and dined her – by ORDERING FOR HER I may add. Clearly not over that.


But the film kicks off at the pair’s wedding – with soundbites of their vows overlaying crisp panning shots of her dress. Great ring, but I’d expect nothing less from a billionaire. We did think it was a dream sequence at first but no, this is legit. Within minutes, she’s Mrs Grey and we’re whisked away on honeymoon with them, not literally, my invite must have got lost in the post.



But in true movie style, plain sailing is not in their path. Because Ana’s crazy ex boss is back to wreck havoc, first at the office and then an attempted abduction, which is ironic really when Christian brings in a so-called solid security crew. Yet Christian seems more bothered about Ana disobeying his ‘straight home from work’ rule to go out with the gals. It’s Thirsty Thursday hun, calm down. A good Mrs Grey I would not make.


Being pretty independent, I’ve never really been on board with Ana’s lack of backbone, but I’ve also never signed a contract to be a submissive, so who am I to talk? There’s the odd fleeting moment when she grew a pair against Grey, and compared to the last film, I was less eye rolling and more laughing. Whether the film intended it, it was quite humorous. Grey since the start has loosened up, he smiles way more and there’s warmth about his character that I thought we’d never see for more than a few minutes at a time. The usual gang’s back including pop star Rita Ora and at one point we did play spot the product placement.


The rest of the film follows the ex boss, Jack’s relentless pursuit of the pair as they start married life, and the mystery around what the hell this guy’s problem is, apart from his ability to defy Grey’s water tight bodyguards. There’s action, car chases and sex, and the film’s everything you’d expect from the previous two films. Considering it’s an 18, it’s pretty tame. And if I’m honest, I was hoping it would have blew me away that little bit more. But did we have fun? Yes. Did we laugh? Yes. And was two hours of Jamie Dornan a great way to spend a Friday night? You bet ya. The film franchise may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can’t please them all. It’s one of the most talked about films for a reason, so go see for yourself.