The start of a new relationship can be an exciting but uneasy time for anyone. And there are, undoubtedly, some awkward but necessary stages we all have to go through to, ‘test the waters’, as it were. Shall I..? Do I…? Will they freak out if I…? This beginning bit is always a minefield! So if you are a new singleton back in the game, or you just need a ‘new-relationship refresher’, boohoo has got you covered.

Letting him in on your SSB

The letting him in on your SSB (secret single behaviour), whether it’s watching Coronation Street while you do your lunges or eating Jaffa Cakes by nibbling round the edges then separating the jelly from the sponge, are you ready to let him know how weird you are on the DL?!

Getting comfortable with your appearance

You’ve glammed up for the first dates, kept any social media uploads fab-u-lous, and essentially just put your best foot forward. But that requires A LOT of effort and time, something you may not always have. And one day the new significant-other is meeting you after work but you were running late this morning and forgot your make-up bag, oh no! What will they think? In truth, they probably won’t even notice and will still say you look gorgeous anyway.

Meeting the Parents

The ultimate day of judgement! Will they barrage you with questions? Or make inappropriate jokes to see how you handle them? Who knows?! And no amount of prep from the new boo can ever prepare you for this moment. Just breathe and take it all in your stride, it is never as bad as you think.

First night out-out as ‘taken’

The girls have rallied you for a night out but now the new bae is on the scene you’ve swapped that dress for a nice cardigan and jeans…well, not quite; but you’re deffo trying to transmit, ‘I’m taken’ vibes. However, you are still looking fierce as, and the likelihood is someone is still going to approach you. BUT DON’T PANIC, just be cool, calm and collected. Hit em’ with the truth and say, ‘I’m sorry, I am actually seeing someone at the minute…but I’ll still have that drink anyway.’

To let the winy-pops drop or not ?

Yes, it’s getting a mention! Because at the end of the day, whether you decide it is ok to trump, fart, pump, whatever you like to call it, in front of your new bae, or not, it is likely to happen accidentally at some point. When it first happened in front of my boyfriend we both couldn’t stop laughing for about twenty minutes! Your bodily functions may not get such a positive reaction but it is definitely not the be-all and end- all of relationship faux pars, so just don’t make a big deal out of it.

Ultimately, I think the best advice is just to be yourself, no matter how you deal with those inevitable hurdles. It will attract the right people and keep the relationships which are meant to last!

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