Yep, you read it right. This couple genuinely HIRED OUT Toy Story Mania park for their Disney wedding of dreams. TALK ABOUT GOALS.

The newlyweds have always shared a love for Disney – and after having a tangled themed engagement shoot, it was no surprise that they went all out on their big day.

Everything you could think of had a magical finishing touch – from cute patterned socks to even Mickey mouse cuff links.

Guests at the wedding could enjoy a live singer performing Disney classics, a personal appearance from Mickey and Minnie and delicious theme park grub all day.

Looking like a real life Princess – Sarah, the lucky bride, wore an incredible gown and even arrived in a Cinderella carriage, glass slippers an’ all!

The only difference is this Cinders didn’t have to go back home early, in fact, they rented out the whole of Toy Story Mania just for their wedding party after the park has closed. SERIOUSLY.

Consider ALL of our wedding expectations well and truly beaten…

By Sophie Kennerley 

Photo Credit: White Rabbit Photo Boutique