The definition of pretty food is about to be taken to a whole new level. All you beef burger lovers out there, get ready to be converted! We’ve got all the veggie accounts on Insta that create the most incred’ looking food that will make you wanna eat aaaall the veg…



A feed full of the brightest food you ever did see. Prepare to be SRSLY dazzled with food all colours of the rainbow



Founder of Oh She Glows cookbook, Angela creates all the plant based recipes that you need to try




Nutrition Stripped is a blog worth checking out. All about making you feel amazing, they call themselves ‘a support system for all things wellness’. Get clued up all about how food can make you feel on top of the world



With the popular veggie blog, Love and Lemons, Jeanine works to create delicious new recipes but says she’ll always have a soft spot for avocado on toast – a gal after our own heart!



Husband and wife duo, Kezia and Jared, create meals that are literally to die ‘fo. They say “we love to eat, to discover new food and to congregate with friends and family around good food” – we can 100% get on board with this!




Image Credit: @nutritionstripped / @healthhappysisters