Over the same meal prep week in, week out? We’ve got something for ya…

In celebration of National Vegetarian Week, we run down the Instas to follow for some serious #foodporn to feast your eyes on


Think being vegan means you can’t eat your fave snacks? Think again! @accidentallyvegan shows you all the things you can still eat when you’re meat and dairy-free – and that includes Oreos, yaaas

5 Instas to follow


This profile turned goals up a notch. Even the most carnivorous among you will be lusting after some of the most colourful food on the planet. They do say that part of the taste is with the eyes…

5 Instas to follow



5 Instas to follow



5 Instas to follow


What better than a profile that pulls together the tasty treats on the web? @bestofvegan does exactly that. We particularly love the veggie burger competition