Cheese is life, let’s be real here. And whilst we’ll happily scoff any of it from good ol’ cheddar to creamy feta – there’s no denying halloumi has a firm place on the cheese scale.

So you can imagine how cheesy our smiles were when we found out a pop-up eatery devoted completely to the fried goodness is coming to London.

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The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) have came up the SRSLY incredible idea in an attempt to showcase their national cheese and encourage people to visit the island. Halloumi is their national cheese, you say? We’re already booking our flights.

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It gets even better – the menu includes the likes of halloumi and cauliflower fritters, crumbed halloumi fingers and EVEN halloumi ice cream. Intriguing…

If you wanna get your lil paws all over these ultra cheesy pop up, you’ll have to be quick. The event only lasts week so get booking here.

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Okay we’re MAJORLY craving now…

Photo Credit: Instagram/ GIPHY