Love candyfloss? Adore ice-cream? Obsessed with girly food? Then this is the ULTIMATE dreamy treat fo’ you girl! Feast your eyes on the cotton candy burrito.

This SRSLY sugary snack is made up of 3 ice cream scoops that are topped in “unicorn dust” and are wrapped up super neatly in flattened multicoloured candy floss. HOW amazing?

The ice-cream options include ultra drool-worthy flavours like bubblegum, birthday cake and cotton candy. Now that’s what we’re talking ’bout.

Brains behind the cotton candy ice cream burrito are Canadian company, Sugar Sugar, who have visitors come from wide ‘n’ far to grab a sweet taste.


Every sweet-tooth gal is jumping on a plane to Canada RN – and we’re sure as hell right there with ’em…


Photo Credit: Instagram