5 Food Fixes For A Hangover

Last night was too much fun but if only you’d have skipped the after party…

It always seems like a good idea until you wake up with the ceiling spinning, blistered feet and an intense craving for anything greasy and beige.

Do yourself a favour, put down last night’s take-out and combat the beer fear with our post cocktail remedies;

Smart carb saviour

3 hours sleep and a monstrous appetite for a burger, fries and twenty chicken nuggets? We hear ya. But ten minutes after you’ve inhaled half the menu, the empty calories will have you yearning for more.

Porridge is our ultimate go to. As unappealing as it sounds, the oatmeal neutralizes the acids in your body, and is a steady release of energy and the B vitamins will lift your mood and help your liver heal the damage. If you can’t stomach porridge, some wholegrain toast will do the trick.

A lil’ melondramatic

Sharp pain between the eyes? Furry feeling on the tongue? It’s time to rehydrate. When we’re feeling fragile our potassium levels are at their lowest. A pint of water is a good place to start but coconut water, bananas and watermelon will quench your thirst and rebalance your electrolytes much quicker.

Blend all three together with fresh pineapple (a fructose boost) and a sprig of mint and wave goodbye to your dry mouth meltdown.

Don’t yolk with me

We know this is what you wanted to hear and yes, it’s true! The apocalypse has hit, and your skin appears to be grey, RN all you want is full English on speed dial, so you can cry into your bacon rashers and hope the pain will go away. A fry up isn’t quite the answer but the eggs are a safe bet as they contain a substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde so you can stay sunny side up.

Be a ginger ninja

Anxiety has kicked in and the memory block is enough to make your stomach churn. If your tummy is suffering and you’re a little on the nauseous side, ginger is your hero. Still ginger ale, biscuits and tea all count and will sooth your digestive nerves so you can pull yourself together in time to fill in the blanks.

Aching from my head tomatoes

If you’re extra emosh with your hangover – you’re not alone. Tomatoes produce a substance that counteracts hangovers called glutathione, and the great news is they go with every meal! Apparently spicy foods kick start your metabolism and distract you from your slow painful death. And, eating salty foods on a hangover encourage you to drink more fluid. This can only mean one thing, spicy tomato & chorizo pasta…ordered in of course.

By no means are we suggesting you use our diagnosis as an opportunity to have ‘just one more’, but these blips happen to the best of us. Whatever you do, remember ‘hair of the dog’ is NOT a thing.