by Charlotte Briggs

Top Tips for Clearing Out Your Closet

One of the most tedious activities for any fashionista is the dreaded decluttering of the ‘drobe. As natural hoarders, our closets are treasure troves that contain visual representations of who we are, so it’s easy to get attached. 

In fact, the thought of parting with any of our garments can send most of us into a fully-fledged nervy b. So what are my tips for clearing out the good, the bad and the ugly from your closet? Scroll down to find out.

1. Take Everything Out

You heard me. Whether its Winter, Summer or Spring style, get everything out from hibernation and onto a large space. You need to see exactly what you’re dealing with.

2. Start Sorting

Once you’ve recovered from the visual realization of how much money you may have wasted on clothes, you need to sort everything into piles. Shoes in one place, jumpers in another etc etc.

3. The Three Groups

After sorting, it’s time to sort your stuff into various categories. All great things come in threes, so use three sorting groups – keeping, selling/donating and tossing. Only throw away clothes that are either unwearable or not hygienic to give away e.g. underwear.

4. Take A Break

Seriously. It’s a pretty dull task to undertake, so take 20 minutes to chill out and get a clear-thinking space. After all, you don’t want to accidentally part with something you love because you weren’t paying attention!

5. Re-organize

Put the things you love safely back into your closet and put anything unwearable for anyone else into bin bags to throw away.

6. Selling?

If you want to be savvy and make some $$$, then download selling apps such as Depop (mine is @charlottemariaaa) or eBay, and start your own page. Make sure you list things honestly if they’re slightly damaged and be open to offers, you business woman you.

7. Donating?

If you’re a good person/want to help your local charity, then donate any unwanted items to your local clothing bank and do your good deed for the day.

8. Pour Some Wine

Clearing out your closet is hard work, so pour a glass and put your feet up. Until next time that is. 

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