by Sarah Pritchard

Stages Of Going To A Festival

1. It’s time to start investing in the most extravagant outfits and ALL the glitter– who cares what the weather forecast says?!

2. You go too hard in the queue and have to nap as soon as you get the tent up

3. The first act is almost on. Time to don your flower crowns and get a quick snap #festivalvibes

4. Get your sassy sandals ready – nothing will stop your dance moves!

5. Stop. Selfie time. You girls are the selfie queens, get yourself in front of that sign and let everyone know where you are!

6. #sorrynotsorry to the poor guys in front of you when you jump on them – ‘cause nothing’s gonna stop you Snapchatting the whole thing

7. You’re a man down. She was already drunk when you agreed your meeting point and is probs facedown on the beach – don’t worry you’ll find her tomorrow

8. You realise you’re out of dry shampoo and you’re only two days in…

9. How is it time to leave already?! You disown your tent – you don’t have the energy to carry it and its covered in beer anyway

10. You all swear you’ll never drink again whilst buying your next tickets away on the journey home and fall asleep on the poor person next to you. Soz hun.