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Stop making excuses for not booking that last minute vacay gal – here’s exactly why you totes deserve to be jetting off this summer…


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1. Because you work damn hard girl!

You spend all day, every day giving your all – it’s time to take some time out for yourself.


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2. Because tanning is an art

Become that bronzed goddess you always wanted to be.


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3. Because taking time to spend with loved ones is important

Especially in the Bahamas.


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4. Because sometimes you need to rewind and remember what’s important

Your mental health is just as important as your physical ladies, so take some time to chill.


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5. Because Vitamin D is good for you!

Soak up those healthy rays.

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6. Because there is so much world to see!

See the world girl there are so many amazing beautiful places out there.


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7. Because your summer wardrobe needs a refresh!

Go buy that dress you love…. and those shorts… and that hat.


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