This week we’re catching up with Lauren, from our Affiliates Team based in Manchester. We get the 411 on what an average day looks like as an Affiliate Marketing Assistant.


My alarm goes off at…

6:45am (which is followed by a few clicks of the snooze button).

I start my day by…

Getting ready and walking to boohoo HQ. I make a brew or grab a coffee when I get to work.


I’m responsible for…

Nasty Gal UK/AUS + boohoo AUS affiliate programmes, as well as the boohoo UK influencer/content side of the affiliate programmes.


The best thing about my job is…

My fabulous affiliate team!



My day in three words…

Brew-filled, non-stop and fun!

My fave work memory is…

The boohoo Christmas Party

Advice I’d give to someone getting in this industry

Ask as many questions as you need – you’re always learning and it’s great to take in as much as possible from everyone around you! Also, be prepared for changes and last minute tasks to complete (no day is ever the same) and there’s always something happening! Lastly – always be kind and remember to have fun.



An average day goes a lil’ like this…



I’m at my desk with a cup of tea or coffee ready to start reporting on all affiliate activity from the previous day/week. As well as adding anything to my to-do list for the day.


Catching up on any emails from my UK contacts as well as anything urgent from the day before. I also work around the wider marketing team’s plans for promotions onsite so may need to react to these changes pretty quickly!


DINNER TIME! (best part of the day!)


Because of the time difference I mainly use the afternoons to focus on Nasty Gal and boohoo Australia. Meaning I often need to work a day ahead of myself so contacts in AUS have everything they need when they are in the office for their day.


By this time I am usually working my way through my to-do list and wrapping things up for the day. I try to make sure I have the next day’s tasks planned out as much as possible so nothing gets missed (as well as deciding what I can have for tea).