Let’s face it, millennial life is one huge balancing act. Getting all the girls’ together at once is pretty impossible, uni deadlines are forever looming and once we make it to the real world, the 9-to-5 routine well and truly takes over.


We count down the days all year to our much-needed vacay, but how can we actually make the most of it and give ourselves a break from our anxious-filled lives? With young adults being the most stressed generation, there’s no denying the amazing effect your summer holiday could have on your mental well-being – if you do it right.


Whether the sun is shining or things are looking a little more grey, boohoo want you to #DoYourThing and follow these 8 steps of self-care while you’re away.



1. Switch up your workout

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As well as keeping you physically fit and healthy, working out is an amazing stress reliever, and a holiday is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Do your go-to squat routine on the beach or get your sweat on with some aqua yoga. The Mental Health Foundation found that a brisk ten minute walk increases our energy, positivity and mental alertness, so a pre-sunset stroll may be all you need to feel de-stressed.

2. Disconnect from your phone

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We use our phones way too much when we’re at home so a holiday is the perfect opportunity to switch off. Felicity Hayward, plus-size model and influencer behind #SelfLoveBringsBeauty, may have over 190k followers on Instagram but even she believes you should hold back from the double tapping every now and again. “Take time out from the online world… we are all constantly absorbed in our mobile phones and it’s important to [stop] and have some time for yourself.”


3. Unfollow

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If the idea of totally disconnecting from social media seems like too much of a sacrifice, why not use your beach chill time to unfollow the accounts that just aren’t inspiring you anymore? Rachael Sealy, founder of afro-beauty and women’s empowerment blog Ukafrolista, says, “I only follow accounts I want to, not that I feel I need to… unfollow those who no longer inspire you and find someone else who does.”



4. Reflect and refresh

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With millennials spending nearly 20% of their year stressed, being away from your normal surroundings gives you the chance to reflect on what might be getting you down at home. Whether it’s because you’re overwhelmed by studies and work or a friendship just isn’t serving you happiness anymore, use the time away to reflect on what is making you anxious.



5. Soak up some rays

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It may sound pretty obvious but go back to basics and indulge in some vitamin D if you’re heading to a hot destination. Time magazine found a direct link to the happy chemicals in the brain and the rays from the sun, just don’t forget the SPF.



6. Did someone say siesta?

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Lack of sleep increases the risk of having poor mental health, and with millennials being non-stop busy in their everyday lives you’re probably long overdue a well-deserved nap. No matter where you’re headed to, embrace the European tradition of an afternoon snooze and re-energise.



7. Wardrobe refresh

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Social enterprise The Blurt – who help those with depression – found a good old de-clutter has a positive effect on your mental health. When you’re packing for your holiday why not throw out those clothes you just don’t wear anymore? Get rid of that too small dress you promise you’ll get yourself into one day.



8. Stop comparing

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We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others which naturally has a huge effect on our happiness and mental well-being. Stop feeling envious of other girls’ bikini shots and think about what someone would like about you.

Beauty blogger Abbie Vincent suggests writing down 10-15 positive thoughts about yourself in a notebook – when you’re feeling low, look back and remind yourself of your amazing qualities (and amazing holiday!).

Putting self-care on your to-do list this summer is the perfect start to improving your well-being and happiness. You’ve totally got this!