Life’s a funny little thing but along with it comes experience, regrets, memories and a whole lotta life lessons. Here’s just some to live by… 


1. What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

It’s all about perspective. There’s been times we’ve been running late to the airport and instead of panicking we just tell ourselves if it isn’t meant to be and we miss the plane, we’ll take a look at the board and hop on the next flight out of there. Not every instance will be that dramatic but it’s a relaxing way to live your life.


2. Never Regret Anything

Regrets are like a dark cloud hanging over you. You shouldn’t regret anything. Why? Because at that exact moment in time, it was exactly what you wanted.


3. Accept An Apology You Never Got

Not everyone will be on your wave length. Not everyone will have the same morals or attitude to life and that’s okay too. Appreciate everyone’s differences and learn to accept the apology you never got and never will get. It will honestly free you.


4. Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

Whether that’s break ups or friendship fall outs, there’s a reason people leave your life. Some people leave your life to allow you to grow – they were part of one or a couple of chapters of your life but not everyone in your life is a long term commitment. And then you have the toxic people in your life that by losing them sets you free and improves the quality of your life and makes you a better person. Everyone has a role to play, even the bad ones.


5. There’s Always Something To Be Thankful For

Always, always, always. Whether it’s your health, your partner, your job or simply having a roof over your head – look for the silver lining. Some days will be darker than others, that’s a guarantee but the bright side is always there, just waiting to burst out beneath those clouds.


6. Accept What You Can’t Change, Change What You Can’t Accept

Kind of a mind over matter job with this one. You can’t control everything. You can’t control the weather or if your train’s late. You can’t control whether your partner will stay with you and you definitely can’t control the actions of people around you, but what you can control is your reaction to all of the above. Anything you can’t change, accept it – because it’ll drive you mad trying to action something that just simply cannot be actioned. And if you can do something about it, do so. You owe yourself that much.


7. Go With Your Heart

Your head’s important too of course but life is so short so go with your heart and your gut. In love with them? Tell them. Want to leave your job? Do it. Want to move away? Great. Not happy in your relationship? Get out. Take a risk, follow what you truly want deep down – it’s the best feeling.


8. No-one’s Responsible For Your Own Happiness Apart From You

Only you know what will make you happy. Other people may have an idea but they’ll never fully know you. So your happiness is down to you too. Sometimes thinking about number one is A-OK. It’s no-one else’s responsibility to get you on cloud nine.


9. Make Your Own Destiny

Fate often finds its way into your life but whilst it’s sorting itself out, help it along with making your own destiny. Yep I mean it. Work your butt off, leap out of bed in the morning, be inspired, inspire others around you, radiate happiness, be a good person and grab every opportunity with both hands. Don’t expect things on a plate, serve them up yourself – it’ll be all the more gratifying at the end.


10. Karma Always Comes Around

Don’t waste time and energy on bad souls in life. Let them wallow in their negativity and don’t take it into your happy life. Karma has your back, believe me. So be a good person and let it work its way. Scheming only works out in Gossip Girl – think of the big K as real life’s version of Blair Waldorf.


11.  Happiness Can Be Found Everywhere

It’s not in the big movie moments, but in the day to day that you often take for granted. It’s him knowing when you’re faking being okay or leaving you a cute morning message. It’s your friends giving you a hug when you didn’t even realise you needed it or jotting down all of the things you’re grateful for. Copy and paste all of that okay?