Yep it’s coming guys: ‘New Year, New Me’ and a million and one resolutions that’ll probs fail on day three. So come Jan 1st, here’s 7 resolutions that are worth making.


1. Make More ‘Me’ Time

Whilst gal time or dates with bae are important, making time for number one, even if it’s just one night a week or a 20 minute bath, is key. It’ll give you time to recharge those batteries and enjoy your own company, because yes you are hilair.


2. Be Thankful

And no that doesn’t mean going round saying ‘thank you’ every two minutes, but reflecting and realising how lucky you are. Bring it back to basics: you’ve got a supportive fam, a tight crew and a roof over your head. You’re a badass babe that kills it errrryday. There’s a lot to smile about.


3. Give Something Back

Whether it’s something as simple as helping your grandma with her weekly shop or undertaking some charity work once a month, it’s better to give and everything…


4. Have A Clear Out

We all have a habit of holding onto things we just don’t need. So rid your house and mind of useless bits and bobs by having a clear out once a month. Give your pals anything they want or give a few bags to charity. Winning.


5. Be Nice

Hold that door open for your colleague. Compliment your BFF’s outfit. Ring your mum. Doing simple kind things could mean the world (and get you in the good books).


6. Stop Saying ‘Yes’ To Things You Don’t Wanna Do

Some things you gotta do. Like work. Your family’s 60th. You get where I’m going. But we can fall into a trap of saying ‘yes’ rather than awkwardly saying no. Don’t wanna go for a quick bev after work? Say so and go home and stick a film on. Short on cash for a night out? Explain to your mates that you’ll catch them next time. Focus on what makes you happy.


7. Have A Digital Detox

Hold your hands up if you’re guilty of too much time on your phone? So cut back on the tweeting and ‘gramming and having some DMCs face to face. Forget ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ and just be there in the moment.


Image credit: Unsplash