Whether you’re heading to a house party or braving your local night club, it’s a guarantee that you’ll bump into at least three of these people. Maybe you should just stay in.


1. The Predator

Haunting the corridors of any venue, this person is on a mission to find someone to lock lips with at midnight. Approach with caution.


2. The Hot Mess

You can find these people in their numbers by 9pm, causing chaos and vomming on everything in sight.


3. The Get A Room Couple

 Fuelled by alcohol and the evening’s festivities, this couple needs to find somewhere private and ASAP.


4. The Stud Muffin

 The mysterious hottie who you’ve definitely never seen in your town before. Swoon!

5. The One Who Hangs Out With The Dog

 Or any other household creature. This person will probably also be your new BFF.


6. The One Who Won’t Get Off Karaoke

 Someone thinks they’re Whitney, and it’s not cute. Cut the mic pls.


7. The Weirdo Buying You Drinks

Or trying to. They think they’re the hottest person in the room, and you’re in their sights *shudders*


8. The Cat Fight

Is it even NYE if there isn’t some kinda drama? Grab some popcorn and enjoy from the sidelines.


9. The Cryer

Located near the bathrooms, they’re in the middle of their squad drunk dialling their ex.


10. The Party Pooper

Overly pessimistic, this person is telling anyone who’ll listen about their latest existential crisis and why everything is SO overrated.


11. The Life and Soul

Either dancing the night away or buying shots for everyone, this is the person you wanna spend the night with. happy New Year!


Photo Credit: GIPHY