10 Things Every 20-Something Should Know…

1. Do it with passion or not at all

Your 20s are the years when you’re really finding out who you are and what you want from life. Don’t waste your time doing things that aren’t going to get you to where you want to be.


2. You’re stuck in that place between a wandering heart and adult responsibilities

If it feels right to you, go for it – stop caring about what other people think. You’ve still got a few years ‘til you need to be a ‘proper’ adult.


3. Travel is never overrated

We can’t all afford to explore the globe, but we can learn from different cultures around us. Get outdoors, rent a bike, try new things and talk to people you would never normally meet. If you’re lucky enough, hop on a plane and don’t come back for a few months…


4. Your vibe attracts your tribe

Be the person you want to spend time with. Make memories with people who make you happy, get rid of the time wasters and don’t forget your family, because when the sh*t hits the fan they’re usually the ones helping to clear it up.


5.  Being single is OK, and being in a ‘serious’ relationship is too

You don’t need to feel ready to settle down, you’ve got plenty of years for that. But on the flip side, if you think the time is right, then go you! Don’t let go of someone just because you’re scared of commitment, but don’t let a relationship define you either.


6. Exercise can be fun

We’re not gonna lie, spending an extra half hour in bed rather than hitting the gym wins almost every time, but finding something you enjoy is physically and mentally rewarding. Whether you start a running club with your mates, surfing, cycling to work or get flexy with a yoga class, stick to it and it’ll start paying off.


7. Water really is the gift of the Gods

It cures a hangover, makes your skin clearer and keeps you hydrated. It literally takes up two-thirds of your body so it really isn’t that bad. Stop kidding yourself you don’t like it. Add a slice of lemon if you want.


8. Don’t live your life through social media; appearances aren’t always what they seem

Our generation is crippled with social anxiety and FOMO. Put your phone away for a few hours a day and stop thinking everyone else has it better than you… the grass isn’t always greener.


9. It’s never too late to learn

Listen up in those uni lectures, you might learn something new (and hey, if you don’t use it in real life, it’ll probably come in useful in a quiz). Start that language course you’ve been putting off and think of each day as an opportunity to grow your mind, body or soul.


10. These are some of the best years of your life

You’ll never be as young and as free again. So grab every opportunity you can, be a yes person and live the way you want to be remembered.


By Vicky James

Image credit: Unsplash