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This week we’re catching up with Millie, from our Buying team based in Manchester. We get the 411 on what an average day looks like as a Buying Admin Assistant.

My alarm goes off at…


I start my day by…

Having a shower to wake myself up, then listening to Radio 1 whilst I get ready. Then head to the train for my daily commute to work.


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I’m responsible for…

Evening Dresses! Taking care of all samples, orders and chasing my suppliers, ensuring styles are in on time.


The best thing about my job is…

My team, the fast pace and how lovely everyone is!



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My day in three words…

Fun, Fast & Creative!

My fave work memory is…

The boohoo Christmas Party, Street Party & Running the Manchester 10K.

Advice I’d give to someone getting in this industry

Be open minded, always be kind and never be afraid of sharing ideas! Teamwork, communication & positivity are definitely what you need to work in this industry.


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An average day goes a lil’ like this…



Eating breakfast whilst catching up on emails and seeing what I have on for that day. I then check the site to see how the new styles have been shot and check competitor sites for any newness.


Unpacking the new styles and organising them to be fitted that day. Monday is Trade so I usually pull my reports first thing and I also check competitors to make sure we have everything covered. I then chase up suppliers via email to get the styles in before the book in date – very important!


I usually have lunch and nip out for some fresh air if I’m not too busy! Suppliers often come in around this time, so if they have anything new for us to book – we’ll be doing that.


Usually we have fits in the afternoon. Here we make comments and amendments for the supplier before sending it to be shot. This is a rewarding part of the day as you get to see all of your developments made and on a model.


Sometimes we have team meetings to discuss new ideas and trends and brief out newness to send out to suppliers. Or on a Monday, join trade to present our findings and to see if there’s any feedback.