Wardrobe woes are at an all-time high when prepping for an interview right? Well, fear not, we’re on hand to help you sail through that dreaded meeting in style. And some top tips to impressing not just on your dressing…

How-To | Dress For An Interview
How-To | Dress For An Interview

DO verge on the right side of smart casual. A white shirt isn’t restricted to being stuffy. Stay on trend too by throwing on a crisp oversized number over a ripped jean and some smart ankle straps

DON’T dress too laidback. Whilst you wanna be comfortable, you wanna make an impression too

How-To | Dress For An Interview
How-To | Dress For An Interview

DO rock trends too. An interview outfit doesn’t have to mean a pencil skirt and a blazer. Bombers are huge RN and will continue to be statement so take your staple smart pieces and bring into the now with a satin jacket

DON’T go overboard. Whilst we <3 our denim cut offs and tassels here, there and everywhere – there’s a time and place 

How-To | Dress For An Interview
How-To | Dress For An Interview

DO show personality. Monochrome can be cool too, and rocking a striped trouser with a peeptoe boot is A-OK

DON’T flash too much flesh. What you wear in your own time is totally up to you but first impressions do count so dress professionally to let you and your experience really shine

Now you’ve got your OOTD nailed, let’s talk interview top tips…

Experience Is Key

As well as qualifications, having experience on your CV will really make it stand out. It shows you’ve demonstrated responsibilities, executed tasks and gives you a head-start on the job you’re going for

Be Prepared

From planning your route to the company’s office to making sure your shirt’s ironed, don’t leave anything to the last minute. As that old saying goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail!

Do Your Research

This counts for both the position you’ve applied for and the business. You don’t have to know everything but a basic knowledge of the company and the industry is ideal

Turn Your Phone On Silent/Off

Your BFF’s 17 Whatsapp messages coming in and disturbing the meeting? A massive no no. Switch your phone on silent or even better, turn it off

Don’t Sweat It

Whilst it’s natural to be nervous, try to not let your nerves get the better of you. Go in prepared and confident, even if you don’t feel 100% confident

Know Your Stuff

We’re not talking the elements of the periodic table here, but know your CV and experience. You wanna be ready should any questions get fired at you so refresh your own memory on all you’ve got to offer!

Ask Questions

Try and think of a question to ask your interviewer. Not only does it show interest but will allow you to learn more about the role or company