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Whether you’re a bride-to-be or just a BFF who’s wanting to give their pal the ultimate send off, a hen ‘do is SRSLY good fun. These are the things that are bound to happen on your night…

1.The whatsapp group chat that won’t stop

Even though the hen do is a YEAR away. The mute button can and will be your BFF

2. The matching tees

If you don’t get a slogan group tee – did you even have a hen do? Extra points for nicknames embroidered on the back

3. Sash up

If the tees weren’t sign enough of your bridal squad, you’ll feel official once the sashes get handed out

4. There’ll be a declaration of some sort

“What happens on the hen do stays on the hen do.” Sure Brenda, I can see you hovering over the share to Insta button

5. Getting ready will take a lifetime

Four girls sharing one bathroom? Yep good luck with that. You’ll be lucky to be out before the sun sets

6. Someone will peak far too early

And have to be taken home and will never live it down

7. Goody bags

Most likely including a penis straw, shot glass and some sassy props

8. Let the games begin

Never have I ever… this will probably get out of hand. Even worse if mums of the bride are present

9. Someone will ugly cry

They either don’t wanna loose their BFF or hate their bridesmaid dress

10. The night will end in a carb overload

Because no hen party is complete without a 3am doner kebab, amiright?