Whether you’re preppin’ for a major job interview or trying to keep things cool around your crush, confidence is key. As boss ass as you are, everyone has down days… these confidence hacks are just what you need to be the super cool breezy gal you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Fix Up, Look Sharp

Your mum was 100% onto something when she told you off for slouching. Not only can it give you a bad back but sitting up instantly makes you look more put together and in control. Yaas.


2. Dress To Impress

Clothing says a LOT about you, so dress in whatever you feel most comfortable… if that’s something totally out there then so be it, if you’re happy in your appearance you’re more likely to be nailin’ those confident vibez.


3. Spritz, Spritz, Spritz

You probs do this one anyway but spray yourself with your fave scent before you go out to srsly boost your confidence. You will smell ah-mazing and get LOADS of compliments.


4. Share A Cheesy Grin

Cliché we know but, smiling instantly relieves stress… research has shown it! So, crack out that smile when you catch a cute guy’s eye or are in a moderately awks situation!


5. Believe You CAN

Before any important occasion remind yourself of your strengths. Self-love is the best kinda love and reminding yourself why you’re awesome is the best route to confidence there is.


6. Be Nice

Simple but oh so true. Whether you hold the door open for your colleague or you tip the waiter, doing little acts of kindness will make others think better of you and give you a lil’ ego boost. It’s win win!


7. Just Fake It

Play mind games with yourself, acting like you are totes in control and confident when you walk in the room is one of the best ways of making everyone else think the same. So what if you’re shaking on the inside as long as you’re killin’ it on the outside.


8. Be Prepared!

Don’t overthink erry’thang but do come up with possible outcomes, that way no matter what happens you’ll be ready to deal with it. Ain’t nobody know this situation better than you do babe.


9. Slow It Down

If you feel yourself getting worked up, slow it all down. Talking slower and really listening to people makes you appear way more confident than if you end up blabbing quickly about irrelevant stuff.


10. Do A Happy Dance

Get those dancin’ shoes on and sing along to ALL your fave tunes. Letting loose before a big occasion is just the thing your mind needs to reach a state of true confidence. Werk it with confidence babe!

Image credit: Unsplash