Ah, good ol’ Yorkshire. It’s home to the prettiest of towns, the nicest cuppa, the best water, and OFC- the legendary Yorkshire girl…

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1. You’re SRSLY down to earth

Open, friendly and proper honest – what you see is what you get with a Yorkshire bird

2. You use the best slang

“Taraah, mardy, breadcake, summat, love, nowt” is just part of our lingo

3. You can drink anyone under the table

Never challenge a Yorkshire lady when it comes to booze

4. You make a killer brew

In the county of tea, would you expect anything less?

5. You’ve got a great sense of humour

We don’t take life too seriously and love a bitta’ banter

6. You’re an amazing friend

From holding their hair back to having a go at their ex – no one touches your girl squad

7. You’re greedy AF

We can eat for England – and if it’s covered in cheese ‘n gravy, all the better

8. Southerns can’t understand a word you’re saying

Especially if you’re from Barnsley or Hull…bless ’em

9. We can brave sh*tty weather

And we’re always prepared to get out the brolly and raincoat – even in July

10. We’re incredibly honest

A true Yorkshire lass will always tell the truth, even if it ain’t what you wanna hear


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