Wanna get on the blogging hype but just don’t know where to start? We got the tips every newbie needs to know – welcome to the bloggers squad.

1. Take the plunge

Starting a blog can be pretty scary – what will I write about? Will people laugh at me? Will anyone even read it? Shrug off any worries you have and just go for it girl.

2. Do your research

Read other blogs and follow other bloggers regularly – what do you love about their content? What do you not like about their content? Understanding your market and getting inspo goes a SRSLY long way.

3. Don’t stress too much about your blog name

Thinking of a name can be a major pain – but don’t let it put you at a standstill. Most bloggers change their URL over time anyway!

4. Choose the site that works for you

Some people love WordPress, others swear by Blogger. There’s loads of platforms for you to try and work your way around, so choose which you’re most comfy with.

5. You don’t need to spend money on your blog

Obvs it’s totally a personal preference, but you really don’t have to buy expensive equipment to run a great blog. A free blog template and an iPhone camera are more than enough!

6. Communicate online

Talking to other bloggers online, showing support and commenting on their photos and posts can get you part of the exciting blogging community. You could even make some new gal pals out of it too!

7. Get your name out there

Shouting about your blog is a great way to get initial views and attention. Whether you wanna share it across your social media platforms or simply tell your friends and family to give it a read, it’s a great place to start.

8. Enjoy it

Blogging ain’t an effort or a chore – it’s a hobby. If you love what you’re writing it’s super likely other people will love it too!