We’ve literally grown up with Harry Potter – from dreamin’ about our Hogwarts acceptance letter to wanting to work that sorting hat, it’s been our childhood. And whilst we know the rules of quidditch and how to warn off dementors, we’ve also learned some real valuable life lessons too…

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At least that’s what we wanna tell ourselves okay?


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2. Friendship is super important

Harry, Hermione and Ron gave us friendship goals all day everyy’day


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3. Girls run the world

Sassy, smart and independent – Hermione is the ultimate girl boss


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4. There is always light at the other side

Whether you’ve got voldemort on yo’ back or you’re just having a tough day – you gotta stay postive


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5. Never judge a book by its cover

‘Cos even in a world of evil, you should give everyone a chance, right?


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6. Love is the best kind of magic

Which is pretty damn good news for us muggles


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7. Family doesn’t have to be blood

If anything , family is all ’bout who’s got your back


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8. It’s okay to be afraid sometimes

If we had giant spiders chasin’ after us we’d be pretty scared too TBH


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9. If you have feelings for someone, tell them

Let’s be real – life’s SRSLY short and you’ve got nothing to lose


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10. A tough exterior don’t mean anything

In fact – tough people are just as sensitive and loving as everyone else…



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