Words by Laura Callaghan 

Whether you loved her or hated her, Lucy Watson was an iconic Made in Chelsea cast member, bringing her sassy facial expressions and ice-queen vibes to us everr’y Monday night. There are so many times she’s given us major goals on and off the screen, but here are the ultimate times she’s slayed…

1. When she started dating fellow cast mate James Dunmore

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

With his model-like looks and perfect abs, we reckon James is one of MIC’s biggest heartthrobs to date. Lucy managed to bag him, and the pair are still v loved up RN. (Sob, sob)

2. When she invented the ULTIMATE unimpressed face

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Watson’s facial expressions are quite literally the best of the best, but this mixture of the Lucy eye-roll and the look of disgust is the sassiest ‘thing we’ve seen. A tenner says she was talking about a boy.  

3. When she defended her sister in every possible situation

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Some would argue Lucy got a little too involved when it came to her younger sister Tiffany, but would you really complain if you had a big Watson to back you up?

4. When she created this legendary dinner table quote

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

We love it when the MIC crew have a posh dinner and end up having a brawl, and Lucy’s first appearance round the table was no exception. Confrontation and caviar, what a combination darling.

5. When she launched her own cruelty free make-up brand, Basic bitch

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Lucy is a huge animal rights activist and ambassador for PETA: so it was only natural the brunette beauty released some fabby animal-free products. Nothing basic about this gal.

6. When she hated men as much as we did

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Even the Lucy Watson’s of the world get their heart broken by boys, and our girl was not shy of projecting her disgust towards the opposite sex now and then.

7. When she started her own jewellery business

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Watson invented ‘Creature’ jewellery-sporting stunning pieces from tiger teeth earrings and jaw-shaped necklaces. We were lovin’ the range and loved seeing Lucy’s inner businesswoman. You go girl!

8. When she never gave a sh*t about what anyone thought of her

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

Lucy’s had a fair share of backlash on the show and in real life, but what did she do? Roll her eyes and ignore the haters, obviously. And that, we salute.

10. Whenever she posted on Instagram, like ever

10 Times We Wanted To Be Lucy Watson

From on-point selfies, tropical getaways and the scrummiest looking vegan food, every time we visit Lucy’s gram we get major envy. Basically Lucy, can we just be you already?

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