From her fave spot for Spring Break, to her fave trends for SS17, we caught up with Val Mercado on on our recent shoot in Merida, Mexico to get the low down.

Val Mercado Talks Spring Break

Describe your style…My style is very chill, very casual. I’m very easy when it comes to dressing, I don’t like to fuss or feel tight, I like loose things. My style inspirations are Bianca Jagger, Solange, Cher and Buddy Paige. I’m kind of like an infusion of all these different things. I love old school things, I love flared pants, 70s style clothing, dressing retro and vintage. That’s definitely my style. 

What’s your fave trend for SS17?

My favourite trend for spring/ summer is the gold, you know how metallics are coming back in, definitely metallics, off the shoulder crop tops and a lot of high waisted pants for sure. And straps, strappy shoes and lace up shoes are totally in right now.

What’s your fave spot for Spring Break?

Tbh, my favourite spot is Cancun. I come here every year for Spring Break, it’s kind of embarrassing but you know, Cancun for sure, it’s so easy, it’s so fun.

What’s your most memorable Spring Break moment?

My most memorable Spring Break was last year actually, I went to Spring Break with my brothers and they brought their girlfriends and I was just like the fifth wheel and it was crazy to see my little brothers who were finally of age so were allowed to drink getting drunk and I was just like “Oh my god” I felt like a mom. It was cute, it was cute, I was the fifth wheel but it was a nice trip.

Bikini or one piece?

Bikini – I’ve built up the confidence to wear a two piece.

Flip flops or sandals?

I’m not a flip flops kinda girl. I feel like they’re way too casual. I prefer something with a little style, something that describes my style.

Why do you love boohoo?

It’s so accessible, it’s so affordable. You guys are so up on your fashion, you put out fast fashion and are so trendy. It’s what you would find at high end boutiques at a fraction of the price. Everyone can look good on a budget for sure.