The Pros and Cons of Dating Christian Grey

So it’s been over a week since the cinema release of hotly anticipated 2nd instalment of the 50 shades series, and as expected, the internet’s full of feedback. I, on the other hand, am still trying to decide whether Grey would make a good BF, and that’s boyfriend by the way and not best friend because we’re two films in and I’ve yet to see him have any pals…

Pro – He’s loaded

From a fully kitted wardrobe to always having a car ready on standby, Ubering everywhere would be a thing of the past

Con – He’ll buy your business

And then technically be your boss. Back off and go and buy Apple or something…

Pro – He’s hot

No explanation needed 

Con – He’s hot headed

Tells you not to go to New York? Tell him where to go AKA out of your life

Pro – He’ll buy you a Mac and Phone

Gifts are always good

Con – He’ll track your every move

Like some weird stalker ex. Let me breathe Grey FFS

Pro – He can survive a helicopter crash without a scrape

Can’t decide whether it’s completely unrealistic or ridiculously impressive 

Con – He doesn’t call to say he’s okay

There you are watching a global news story live with Rita Ora and buzz there he pops out from the lift looking like he’s ran up a few stairs. Takes two seconds to click ‘call’ Christian

Pro – He’s career driven

Everyone loves an ambitious guy

Con – He doesn’t support yours

This work thing works two ways my flower

Pro – He lets you wear lipstick

He’s got half of MAC chilling in his closet

Con – But then makes you draw on his body with it

It’s £20 a tube CG, what a waste…

Pro – His house is the bomb

There’s Insta worthy opportunities everywhere, not to mention that grand piano casually in the lounge

Con – But there’s always that pesky red room of pain chilling

Like the elephant in the room

Pro – He’ll casually drop $24,000 into your bank account

Like it’s pocket money to him 

Con – But then expect you to never leave his side

So technically that $24K you gave me, is just for us to spend more time together? Fab. Was hoping for a girls trip to Vegas but doesn’t matter…

Pro – He’s Jamie Dornan

Con – Okay I’m out of excuses