New Years Eve is nearly here, and it’s the one night of the year when were feeling extra AF and expectations are sky high. Let’s not kid ourselves though, that magical midnight kiss probably isn’t going to happen and if you venture out to a club or party chances are you’ll wish you had just stayed at home with your dog…


The Plans

Expectation: You’ll see in the New Year at the coolest party surrounded by your best friends.

Reality:  You don’t get invited to any parties, so spend over an hour queuing for an over priced club night before deciding to just go to ‘spoons.


The Prinks


Expectation: You’ll all get ready together at one of the girls houses and start things off classy by drinking prosecco and taking loads of sexy selfies.

Reality: You’re drinking from the bottle and by 9pm it’s descended into chaos. The taxis is outside, someone’s lost their ID and nobody is ready to leave yet.


The Outfit

Expectation: You’ll look the hottest you’ve ever looked in a gorge new dress.

Reality: You panic buy a gazillion and one dresses, hate all of them, and end up wearing the same LBD as every other girl who’s out.


The Dancing

Expectation: All eyes will be on you due to your sexy Shakira-esque moves.

Reality: Unfortunately, all eyes are on you because of your cringe dad dancing – awks!


The Actual Night


Expectation: It will be the best night of the year, maybe even of your entire life..

Reality:  You get kicked out the club before midnight and end up ringing in the new year at the nearest kebab shop. All before hailing the most expensive taxi of your life, having a bust up with your pals and wishing you’d just stayed home and watched Netflix instead.


The Moment Midnight Chimes

Expectation: When it hits midnight you’ll lock eyes with your major crush and start passionately making out.

Reality: You face plant a kebab and start crying because you miss your dog.


The Squad


Expectation: There will be no group drama.

Reality: There will be so much group drama.


The Morning After

Expectation: You wake up feeling like a brand new you, ready to take on 2018.

Reality: Your head’s pounding, you’ve maxed out your overdraft and you’ve drunkenly ordered a trampoline. Oh, and you’ve sent your ex six voice messages plus countless snaps confessing your undying love – 2018 is officially not off to a great start!



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