Sometimes renting can make us feel SRSLY limited in how we can make it our own – but don’t worry, we’ve got ‘yo back. With these tips and tricks that are super affordable, you’ll be transforming your flat into a cosy ‘lil paradise in no time…

Plants will be your new BFF

Whether you go artificial with fake flowers, low maintenance with a cactus or go all out with some large house plants – this is one ultimate interior update. They look SO pretty, brighten up any space and come in such a large variation , we wanna have one in everry’ room pls.


Faux Cactus in Ceramic Pot, £7




























Cactus Hanging Glass, £4


Experiment with patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix up colours and patterns – from fushia pinks to aztec stripes, the pop of colour will be the perf pizazz to a plain living room. Not to mention it makes the space seem way bigger!

Candles + lights = one cosy vibe

Everyone loves a bitta’ mood lighting – and with so many adorbs candle holders, tealights and funky fairlights to chose from, you can go customisation cray-cray.

Copper Pyramid Candle Holder, £6 


The more cushions the better

Channel them snug ‘n comfy feels with soft throws, blankets and a loads of pretty cushions in your living room. Time to grab that bottle of wine and stick on Netflix ladies…



























Small Faux Fur Heart Cushion, £4

Wall-hangings are EVERYTHING

Most landlords are majorly funny about sticking stuff on the walls – but if you invest in some damage-free picture hanging strips (yes, they do exist) you can really make your mark without actually causing any damage.  Mix it up from inspirational quotes, cute personal snaps or even some artwork – we’re crushin’ on @_ellamasters_ ATM.

Get thrifty

For second hand furniture be sure to check out the likes of Gumtree and Ebay – you even snoop in some charity shops or second-hand sellers in social media groups too. Bag a bargain and become a vintage queen – it’s time to find those hidden gems girl.

Photo Credit: Instagram