Two years ago the idea of spending my lunch break putting my legs behind my head in the office gym was not my idea of fun.  In fact I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. But after giving it a fair try I can hold my hands up and say yoga is bloomin’ wonderful.

From my first-hand experience here’s all the reasons to get on the yoya hype…


Find yourself hunched over after a day at your desk? The ancient practise of yoga can help lengthen your spine and improve posture. The combo of strengthening exercises and stretches will have you touching your toes and releasing tension built up from stress too.


Making that ‘you time’ and allowing yourself to simply breathe deeply and inhale essential oils is overdue R&R for most of us leading v.hectic lifestyles. Aromatherapy oils have unique healing and therapeutic benefits for personal care and are natural mood lifters too. So massage in that lavender oil girl and feel yourself getting yoga-happy!


There’s something empowering about standing tall, looking to the sky and allowing trust in yourself (and your abs!) to stay grounded whilst pushing yourself to that tipping point. As the self-doubt begins to disappear, determination and courage prevails. You got this!


Are you ruining today by reliving yesterday’s problems? Already feeling tired anxious about tomorrow? Yoga is ‘to be in the present moment’, being aware about RN and accepting ‘what simply is.’ Allowing yourself to do this keeps blood pressure in check, can improve your sleeping patterns, lower stress levels AND alleviate pain! Letting yourself be in the present can be an exhilarating epiphany of self-discovery. In other words, you’ll be less of a stress-head!


If you spend your weekends binge drinking and your Mon-Fri trying to conquer the world, you probably pick up every bug going around, and your immune system is burnt out. Yoga boosts immunity and assists the disposal of toxins from your body – the ones you’ve built up whilst living that rockstar lifestyle! Asana practise supports your immune system as it focuses on every part of the body unlike other forms of exercise that are area specific. AND it can help prevent infection too!