If you’re a self-confessed crazy cat lady and ain’t afraid to hide it, we’ve got the ultimate furry friend event for you.

Yep – a festival dedicated soley to cats is coming to London – complete with stalls of cat treats, accessories and toys. They’ll also be cat videos, eat vegetarian street food, make up counters (for you – not your cat) and even a Meow Parlour where guests can meet kittens.

OFC all food and drinks are feline themed, and there’s even cat themed art, clothing and gifts for kitty lovers to take home with them. Could it get any better?

Cheezburger cat cats animal cheezburger GIF

We know you’re excited to get your furry paws all over this festival – but you’ll have to wait until the 14th July 2018. You can buy tickets now though here – so why not give yourself something to look forward to, eh?

In the meantime we’ll be watching endless cat complications on the internet to feed our obsession…

Photo Credit: Instagram / GIPHY